RATRAK | (2010-2012)
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The power of the mountain and of machine combine in a night-time setting to reveal a unique image. On the slopes of various Swiss ski resorts, where throughout the day buildings and spaces weave themselves into the fabric of familiar winter sport environments, a series of unknown landscapes form once night falls - mysterious visions that arise in the beam of a Ratrak's headlights. Our view of these locations given a new breath of life through this fascinating effect. Two complementary approaches have allowed us to achieve these photographs. The first is to stage the Ratrak in the background, in order to show the elements of the landscape and their context. In the second, the machine is present in the images but only through its beam of light.

For anyone interested further in this project, a book has been published by Verlhac Editions with a limited run of 333 hand-numbered copies. (45 euros + shipping)

EXIBITION : Galery "Krisal" Geneva, Galery "Abstract" Lausanne, La Nuit des Images "Musée de l'Elysée" Lausanne

- Ratrak video -